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The Tablatures on this page are strictly for personal use to study playing the five string banjo. You may not record, publicly perform or sell thse tablatures withut permission and consent of the proper legal copyright holders(not necessarily me!)

Any copyrighted material on these pages is used in "fair use", for the purpose of study, review or critical analysis only, and will be removed at the request of copyright owner(s).

Clawhammer Style

Die Zilberne Khasene(The Silver Wedding)  Klezmorim (Real Audio) and Bryan Ogihara, arr. A. Alexis gCGCD capo 2 Text Format
28th of January after Bing Brothers (Real Audio)
arr. A. Alexis
 gDGCD capo 2 Acrobat, TablEdit, Midi
Highlander's Farewell The Renegades and Dalglish and Larsen (Real Audio)  gDGCD capo 2 Adobe Acrobat Format
Streak of Lean, Streak of Fat A. A. Gray and 7 Foot Dilley (Real Audio) gCGCE Adobe Acrobat Format
 The Rattlesnake and the Texas Pony  Green Beery Horton,
"I'm Old But I'm Awfully Tough"
 gDGBD  Adobe Acrobat Format
Colored Aristocracy arr. Taj Mahal gCGCE Adobe Acrobat Format
Sandy River Belle arr. Peter Roehling gCGCE Adobe Acrobat Format
Kuppari Eeva
(AKA Finnish Polka)
Kevin Burke, (Real Audio)
arr. Andy Alexis
aDGCD capo 2 Adobe Acrobat Format
Ingrian Polka Ottopasuuna,
arr. Andy Alexis
aDGCD capo 2 Adobe Acrobat Format
 Sugar Babe  Sherman Hammons eEABD  Adobe Acrobat Format

 Two Finger Style

Shady Grove after Lee Sexton fDGCD Adobe Acrobat Format
Little Brown Jug  after Morgan Sexton  open G Adobe Acrobat Format
Flowery Girls Hot Mud Family, from Omer Forrestor and Stephen Wade open G Adobe Acrobat Format
 Cacklin' Hen Paul Brown and Mike Seeger
(Real Audio)
 fCFCD capo 2 Adobe Acrobat Format
Flop Eared Mule after Mike Seeger, (Real Audio)
arr. Andy Alexis
gCGBD Adobe Acrobat Format

 Classic Banjo

Senegambian Revels  Joe Morley gCGBD Adobe Acrobat Format
Skeleton Dance  MIDI gCGBD Adobe Acrobat Format
Hast Du Mich Genummen Old German MIDI  gCGBD Adobe Acrobat Format
Banjo Vamp MIDI  gCGBD Adobe Acrobat Format
Horace Weston's Celebrated Minor Jig S. S. Stewart Banjo Instructor gCGBD Adobe Acrobat Format
Watch Hill March and Two Step MIDI   gDGBD Adobe Acrobat Format